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Why I'm Running

Superior Court Judges are called to make difficult decisions that impact lives. 


A judges’ ruling impacts the relationship between a parent and child, it impacts the freedom of

a defendant and the voice of a victim, and it impacts the livelihood of small and large businesses.

It is important to have a judge who has a diversity of experience to draw from to make reasoned

rulings in unique situations. 

I am that judge and I hope to have your support and vote for Fulton County Superior Court Judge.

Judge Miller-224_original.jpg

The promise of an unbiased and efficient justice system requires judges who are experienced, compassionate, and committed to service.

I am prepared to serve! 

Qualified. Experienced. Fair.

I am running to become a Fulton County Superior Court Judge because my diverse professional and life experiences uniquely qualify me to address the difficult issues that come before the court with sound legal knowledge, compassion, and a servant’s heart.

I have served as Juvenile Court Judge, Magistrate Court Judge, and have heard cases as a Judge by designation in State Court and Superior Court. I have judicial experience in family law, juvenile law, arrest warrants, search warrants, issuing and setting bond conditions, civil disputes and criminal matters. I have been a business litigator, civil litigator, county ordinance prosecutor, and certified civil mediator. I have worked in a law firm, served in county and municipal government, and have advised elected officials on policy and legislative matters. I have practice experience in elections, ad valorem tax, nuisance, personal injury, quiet title, open records/public disclosure, contract, administrative and employment law.  I have drafted contracts, license agreements, intergovernmental agreements, memorandum of understanding, local legislation, policies, and procedures.


 I also worked as a management consultant for more than six years and have hands-on experience navigating complex business matters.  As a consultant, I worked with a broad spectrum of business clients – corporations, non-profits, utility companies, entertainment companies, beverage companies, and real estate investment companies – to address operational and efficiency challenges.


My time serving as a juvenile court judge, working with parents with substance abuse disorders through the family dependency treatment court, serving the public as a county and city attorney, and serving my neighbors and community, has developed in me sincere compassion and empathy for people in difficult situations. I bring this consideration to every interaction, acutely aware that individuals are much more than the facts and circumstances that bring them before the court.

One of the most important responsibilities of being a judge is service, which requires respect for every individual before the court, timeliness, and the efficient resolution of cases. It also requires the mentoring and development of staff and young lawyers. And it requires the ability to connect with individuals to identify needs/gaps that, if addressed, result in better outcomes. I actively pursue opportunities to improve service because it is the cornerstone of trust in our justice system.

I am prepared to serve! With your help, I will do so with integrity, compassion, an open mind, honor, and professionalism; and I will work daily to improve confidence that our legal system is independent, impartial, and fair.

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